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desert sniper suit
Desert Ghillie Suit

Desert Ghillie Suit

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Our Desert Ghillie Suits are sold in a complete set, we even attach pieces of our custom camo netting right to the suit so you don't have to worry about were things go we make it simple and easy for you, so you can get back to the hunt!
  • Complete lightweight ghillie suit - no assembly required
  • Heavy-duty button front jacket
  • Elasticated cuffs with velcro fastening
  • Trousers with drawstring waist, adjustable braces, and elastic/velcro ankles
  • Detachable hood with face veil
  • 3-D leaf-like foliage ghillie suit
  • Shed and snag resistant
  • Waterproof fabric - will not become waterlogged and heavy
  • Bug-proof lining
  • Rot/Mold Resistant ghillie suit
  • Quiet and Rustle Free
  • Hand washable
  • Available in Woodland, Desert, Snow and Killer Camo Patterns

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