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Hunting For Camo Netting? Remember These 2 Important Things

army camo nettingCamouflage netting has a variety of uses including hunting, military life, and bird watching. It's used to help keep you hidden to avoid danger or to study (or hunt) wildlife.

However, not all camo netting is created equal. Different types of camouflage netting have different characteristics so you can make better use of them. You can't use the same type of camo netting for every activity.

That said, there are a couple things you need to remember when looking to buy camo netting.

Not all camouflage netting is fire-resistant

You'd be surprised by how many folks make the mistake of assuming their camouflage netting is fire-resistant. Although the material of your netting may be durable, you need to look for camo netting that's specifically labeled as fire-resistant.

Only fire-resistant camo netting will stay protected in the case of forest fires or other disasters. If there's a risk you'll be coming into contact with fire at any point, fire-resistant netting may be good to consider.

The same netting won't work for every season

You might think that your woodland camouflage netting will work for hunting during the winter months. After all, there are still leaves, sticks, and other forest debris lying around on the forest floor.

But, the truth is, you need to be aware of your environment not just in terms of where you're hunting/bird-watching but also in terms of the season. Your woodland camo can work for the winter months, but maybe only during the early winter when the leaves on the ground are still visible.

Once winter really hits, your woodland camo will be visible from space. Okay, maybe not that far, but you may as well be hunting in your everyday clothes. Look for seasonal camo netting that matches the environment and the season you'll be hunting/bird-watching in.

Where can I find Army camo netting?

The U.S. ranked number one in the highest defense spending in 2017, total $610 billion. Part of that defense spending is on Army camo netting.

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