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3 Different Types Of Camouflage Netting

In nature, camouflage is used by both predator and prey. What is now a staple of military life, modern camouflage patterns only started being used during World War II. Switching from blue to khaki in 1898, more and more it became clear that camouflage was not just for nature. When the military adopted camo netting it quickly took off as a versatile way to hide critical areas. Now people looking for camouflage netting bulk are using it for a variety of reasons. Anywhere from hunting to obscuring unsightly backyard build-up. There are camo mesh netting choices to suit your every need. Here are some kinds of camo netting you might want to use.
  • Seasonal It's pretty easy to find camo netting for winter, often snow colored designed to obscure your location when there are very few leaves. No matter your hunting needs you can find woodland camo netting to match. If you need it there is even duck hunting camo netting on the market. Being aware of your environment and choosing the netting that best suits it will benefit your entire hunting experience.
  • Fire resistant If you plan to use your netting while camping out for a few days it's a good idea to find a fire resistant or fire retardant variety. No one wants their campsite to end up in flames. fire resistant materials can be a bit more expensive when it comes to camo netting, but the end result is a better, more durable end product.
  • Weather appropriate If you're expecting your netting to survive a variety of weather situations or different climates, you want to find a netting that can withstand what you're doing. If you're in the desert, getting a desert camo net will be more capable of shading you from the sun and deflecting harmful sunlight. The material is also likely to be fade resistant. In contrast, opting for a durable high-quality netting for a rainy environment may ensure the net's overall longevity.